Dear Fellow BorrowFoxers,

We are pleased to announce that BorrowFox has been acquired by ShareGrid, the world’s leading marketplace for sharing, buying and selling film and photography equipment.

On behalf of the BorrowFox team, we would like to offer our deep gratitude to you for helping us build a wide and diverse community of passionate creatives across the UK. Our driving ambition has been to make creativity more accessible, enabling photographers, filmmakers and production companies to save time and money, and have easy access to all the equipment they need. The team at ShareGrid are equally passionate about this mission, and we're excited to see this fantastic community continue to grow and evolve under their leadership.

ShareGrid is currently operating in 50 states across the US, offering peer-to-peer equipment rentals (with instant insurance), custom production services, and a thriving buy-and-sell marketplace. ShareGrid expects to launch in the UK sometime soon, and will host over 100,000 users, and more than US$1bn of film and camera equipment.

You will receive an email from ShareGrid after the launch, at which point you can decide whether to join the platform. If you decide to join ShareGrid, all your BorrowFox profile details and listings will be securely onboarded (if not, your details will be securely deleted).

If you are not a BorrowFox user, but would like to receive news and updates on the ShareGrid launch, please signup for their waitlist.

With much gratitude,

The BorrowFox Team
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